…and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Kayleigh and I am a Canberra photographer specialising in pregnancy, baby and birth. I live with my hubby, Tom, our free-spirited (read: absolutely crazy) 5-year-old son Aidan and our equally as wild, tiny 2 year-old daughter Violet. Other than the kids and Tom, my favourite things in the world are music, rainy days and tea. Seriously, I have a whole cupboard dedicated to different flavour teas. Don’t ask me to choose a favourite – there’s no way. Nothing makes me laugh more than listening to my kids count to 10 in French and Mandarin. (I wish I could say that I taught them, but all credit goes to The Wiggles! They can sign the alphabet too – thanks Emma!)

    Canberra Photographer

    My love of photography and my own journey in to motherhood is what got me into birth photography. I started my humble little photography business in 2013 and I can’t imagine doing anything else. My photography style is unposed and unscripted, powerful and emotive. I adore being able to document women’s journeys, whether it’s through pregnancy, childbirth or motherhood. I honestly have the best job in the world! It’s a vulnerable and sensitive time in your life, and I know you’re looking for a certain type of photographer. Someone who has experience in photographing birth and babies, is professional, knows what they’re doing and puts everyone at ease. And that’s exactly what I do. Birth and baby photography is above all about documenting this incredible time in your life. Knowing that long after the day has passed, you will always have these beautiful, tangible memories. Whether it’s a birth or your baby’s first photos, I promise you’ll never regret hiring a photographer and have those precious memories captured forever.