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I remember crying when my baby son Aidan was brand new, about 3 weeks old. I looked at him and couldn't believe how much he had already changed. How fast time seemed to be going. My camera roll was full of photos of his sweet face, but they didn't quite capture just how little he was. How perfectly he fit in to my arms and how in love with him his daddy and I were. That's when I knew it was time to ring in the professionals. To freeze this moment so that no matter how quickly time flew by, we'd always have this.

That baby boy is now 7 years old and I tell you, those photos are everything to me. Everything.


We have since welcomed his little sister, Violet, in to our world and life is passing us by faster than ever. They're both in school and my humble little photography business has really kicked in to gear. When I'm not smooching my kids' faces, I'm behind the camera at some of the most incredible moments in other families lives. It is the biggest privilege, witnessing and documenting new life.

This time is like no other, and I couldn't be more honoured that you're considering having me capture it for you.

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