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      Pregnancy, Birth & Baby

      Photography + Films

      Unposed, Unscripted & Authentic

      Your most precious moments, to relive over and over again

      Documenting your family's beauty, love and emotion

      Powerful & Emotive

      Canberra birth photographer Kayleigh McGlynn looking down at her two children

      Your story is filled with beauty,
      let me show you just how much.

      Hey there,

      I’m Kayleigh; a birth, pregnancy and baby photographer in Canberra, although many of my clients live on the South Coast too! I take an unposed and unscripted approach to documenting women’s stories. I draw out the beauty that lays within your most vulnerable moments and bring it to life through powerful and emotive imagery and film.

      I truly believe that at the peak of a woman’s transition in to motherhood she is the epitome of beauty, power and strength. Documenting women as they grow and birth new life lights a fire within my soul and I’m so happy that you’re here and considering having your own story told.

      Birth Photography & Film

      We had a great experience with having our birth photographed. Kayleigh made it so easy, we wouldn't change anything. Everything about her nature ensured that we were going to feel safe and that she knew what she was doing - it was perfect. Noah's birth video and photos are everything to us. They are more than any photo or video that we own in this whole world, they are just the best. For anyone that is on the fence about hiring a birth photographer, there's no question - you absolutely need to have Kayleigh there.
      - REGAN & DANIEL


      I wasn’t going to have a birth photographer until I met Kayleigh. It was her personality and warmth she brought to a room that made me think I needed her at the birth of my final boy. It was the best decision I have ever made. The photos captured the day perfectly, that I can now go through my album and relive the emotions and feelings each step of the way of getting my baby boy out. I now get to see a view of the birth that shows how raw and powerful birthing is. Kayleigh is one of a kind and didn’t just capture the birth but added to it, her calming, happy presence made me forget she was there taking photos. Thank you Kayleigh, you are so amazing.
      - JAIME

      Baby Photography & Film

      The photos and video from our session speak for themselves. Kayleigh's talent is second to none. We adore what she created for us and will never ever be able to thank her enough. She has photographed our little family on several occasions now, including the birth of our daughter and we wouldn't dream of looking anywhere else.
      - KRISTIE & JOEL

      Baby Film

      I'm in love. Our film is better than I expected and my expectations were pretty high! All of Kayleigh's work is amazing but our video is by far the best!
      - MADI & BEN

      “You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
      – Dr Seuss

      I’m not sure I’ve heard truer words spoken. It can be hard during pregnancy, or in the throes of labour, or in the early days of having a newborn to really soak up and appreciate the moment. Photography is incredible in that it gifts you that moment, in a tangible memory, to look at and relive over and over again.

      So you don’t have to worry about forgetting what your big round tummy looked like. Or how amazing your partner was at supporting you through contractions. Or how the blissful newborn bubble felt. How tired, happy and in love you were with your new little family.

      Pregnancy can feel like it drags on forever, but in the scheme of things it is the most fleeting time. Labour can be hard, but it is the most beautiful and powerful thing you will ever go through. Adjusting to a newborn isn’t always easy either, but goodness how those first few weeks fly by. Think about future you and what you want to have to look back on. And then give yourself just that.


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