Motherhood Mini Sessions

    Let the world around you stand still.
    Hold your baby close and breathe them in.
    Take a slice of time out of your day for just the two of you.
    Walk away with powerful and emotive photographs that document your bond, so that you can show your baby one day just how loved they are.

    i struggle so deeply
    to understand
    how someone can
    pour their entire soul
    blood and energy
    into someone
    without wanting
    anything in return

    i will have to wait till i'm a mother

    - rupi kaur

    Motherhood Minis

    Motherhood mini sessions are the perfect way to document the love between you and your baby, whether they’re growing in your womb or snuggled in your arms.

    Photo Sessions:
    – Monday 2nd + Tuesday 3rd December
    – 30 minute session in the Dickson studio
    – 5 digital images of your choice
    – $180

    There are 10 sessions available

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    Motherhood Mini Sessions

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