Why Choose In-Home Photography? // Canberra Documentary Photographer

It’s within these walls that memories are made. Where you will bring your new baby home. Where they will take their first steps. Where you will laugh, cry and love.

There are so many different names for this style of photography. Lifestyle, documentary, storytelling, natural… All of them alluding to the same thing. An unposed and authentic approach to photographing everyday life.

“Newborn Photography”

When I decided to start my photography business a few years ago, I knew two things for sure. That I loved taking photos and that I loved babies. So it only made sense for me to become a ‘newborn photographer.’ I didn’t quite know what that would mean for me, other than I wanted to take photos of families with new babies and give them memories that they would treasure forever.

When I googled ‘newborn photography’ all I would see was images of babies wrapped up in baskets and buckets, surrounded by flowers, wearing cute little headbands and posed in all sorts of adorable ways. I learnt the poses and I learnt how to do them safely. I had a shelf full of sweet little props and enough newborn wraps to cover a football field. I thought that’s what being a newborn photographer was and while I did really love it to begin with, I’d leave each session feeling exhausted and unfulfilled creatively.

I was going to throw in the towel and return to my day job, when my husband pointed out that if I wasn’t enjoying the style of photography that I was doing, then why don’t I try a style I do love? But I want to photograph babies! I told him. Yeah, so keep doing it. Just change it up! Was his (really sensible) response. But this is what a newborn photographer does. It’s all about posing and making sure the baby sleeps through the session.


Why. Such a simple question that changed the whole direction of my business.

While I still completely agree that posed, studio newborn photography can be absolutely gorgeous, it just wasn’t me. I never had my own babies photographed in that style. In fact, the photos that I loved of them most were the ones I took when they were just being themselves. At home, playing, being read stories by their dad, sleeping in his arms. All of those normal, every day things that I probably took for granted at the time.

So I decided to take the style that I photograph my own family in and apply it to my business. And oh how things changed.

My sessions became so much more relaxed. They became fun! I connected more with my clients, we chatted throughout the whole session because we weren’t worried about keeping the baby asleep and posed. My photographs had more emotion, more connection and more meaning than ever before. And all I did was do things my way.



So. Here are the reasons why I think you should choose to have your pregnancy or baby photography session taken in your own home.

  1. It’s so meaningful!

    More than likely, this house will be the place you first bring your new baby home to. Possibly where they take their first steps. Maybe you’ll take their ‘first day of school’ photo by the front door. How special to be able to pull out your first family photos and see your first family home.

  2. It’s so convenient!

    Who needs to worry about trying to get everyone ready and out the door at a certain time when you’re heavily pregnant? Or in the midst of your newborn bubble? No thank you! Leave the clock-watching to me and don’t get up from the couch. Let me document your routine and show you the beauty in your everyday life. I rarely photograph kitchen sinks, so if it’s full of dishes that is SO not a problem.

  3. It’s so comfortable!

    No awkward posing, cheese is for crackers, etc. I don’t want to photograph you smiling unnaturally at the camera. I want to photograph you cooing over your baby! Or gazing in to your partner’s eyes. Laughing with each other when your newborn spews all over your fifth outfit change that day. The real moments, the seemingly un-noteworthy moments that will one day bring it all flooding back. They’ll be everything.

  4. It’s shorter!

    Most of the time, in-home sessions only take an hour so. We don’t need to unwrap or undress your baby. If you need to feed bub, I’ll keep on clicking away. I don’t need to spend 20 minutes meticulously posing your newborn while you sit in a 24 degree room. I’m there to document your life exactly as it is and it doesn’t take long to do that.

  5. It’s uniquely you!

    It’s you! It’s your home, your life, your style. Your images will truly reflect you and won’t look like anyone else’s, ever.





Mother and father holding their twin babies in the nursery taken by Canberra Baby Photographer Kayleigh McGlynn


Mother and father sitting on their back deck holding their newborn baby and their dog taken by Canberra Baby Photographer Kayleigh McGlynn