Do you offer a package that includes pregnancy, birth and baby photography sessions?
    What if I want a film without adding photography, or vice versa?
    I read somewhere that you offer payment plans? I'd love to know more!
    I love the idea of birth photography but not sure I'm comfortable with, um, graphic photos being taken. Are you able to stay up near my head?
    Oh my goodness, those films get me every time. I love them! How on earth do you create a film and take photos at the same session?
    Will you share my photos/films on your social media pages/website?
    Because each session is tailored to the needs and wants of my individual clients, I don't have just one package that covers everything. Many of my clients order custom albums or other products from their sessions and some just want digital files. So a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't really work. I do however offer discounted pregnancy and baby sessions for every single one of my birth clients. So if you're interested in having more than just one photo/film session please let me know!