Day Eighteen

– The number of pregnancy tests I took before I truly believed you were real
– The number of months of morning sickness you brought with you
– The time of day (PM) when you finally came in to this world
– The number of seconds it took from when I first saw you to falling utterly in love with you
– The number of times each hour your big brother would ask to cuddle you
– (x10) the number of times each day I’d say ‘mum mum mum’ to you in a bid to be your first word (it was dad)
– The number of steps you took one month before your first birthday
– The number of teeth you had when you turned one
– The number of times each morning you kiss your brother when he wakes up
– The number of times I called your preschool to check on you on your first day (okay, for the first several days)
– The number of times you ask to listen to ‘Lie-la-lie’ when we’re in the car
– And about the number of times of listening to it before you knew all the words
– The number of eyelashes you give me when you draw my picture
– The number of outfit changes you do each day
– The number of times we argue back and forth over who loves who more when I tuck you in
– The number of years we’ve been kissing you, proud of you and loving you.
Happy birthday my darling 5 year old. Don’t ever change.


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