Category: Films

    December 29, 2018

    Sweet Sibling Session // Canberra Documentary Photographer

    I remember photographing little Zara's christening a couple of years ago, and seeing her now as a doting big sister just warms my heart! I hung out with the Holland family a couple of weeks ago and d...
    December 27, 2018

    Love At First Sight // Canberra Documentary Photographer

    Little Charlotte made her arrival in the early hours of the morning, just before Christmas. I was so excited when I heard the news of her birth and we organised for me to head in to the birth centre ...
    November 26, 2018

    The Birth of Embry // Canberra Birth Photographer

    I've photographed several births in hospitals and birth centres and they are always amazing. But I was extra excited for this birth, as it was the first home birth I've ever documented and I was inter...
    October 31, 2018

    Aidan & Violet: A Family Film // Canberra Documentary Photographer

    Walking to the park after dinner isn't anything special, but it's a big part of our lives and I know it won't last for long. Soon they won't want to hold our hands let alone each others! So I made a p...