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        I plan on photographing 50 sessions for this project and am after a mix of pregnancy, birth and postpartum stories. Each participant will have a photography session of their choice from those three categories and an image from their session included in the book with a little write-up of their pregnancy/birth/postpartum story. All stories and experiences will be welcomed, but some examples of the types of stories I’m hoping for are: Pregnancy:

        • IVF
        • Pregnancy after a loss
        • Hyperemesis gravidarum or other pregnancy conditions
        • Surrogacy
        • Same sex couples

        Birth: (for birth stories I will need to be present at your birth to document it for you. Obviously it is impossible to tell how a birth will go, but if your birth plan is specific or includes any of the following, or if you’d just love to have your birth photographed, please get in touch)

        • Birth Centre
        • Home birth
        • Water birth
        • Induction
        • VBAC
        • Delayed cord clamping
        • Twins/multiples


        • Breastfeeding stories (in particular tandem feeding, tongue/lip tie stories, easy or hard experiences)
        • Formula feeding
        • Postpartum anxiety/depression (if you are comfortable sharing)
        • New parents of your first baby
        • Life with multiple children/siblings
        • Colic
        • Co-sleeping families

        Or any story you might have around your pregnancy/birth/life with a newborn that you are happy to share and feel other women may benefit from hearing.

        If you are interested in getting involved, here are some important details:

        • Sessions will take place throughout September 2018 – March 2019 and the book will be published in April 2019.
        • The session fee is $100, which will be donated directly to the Australian Birth Stories podcast.
        • The approximate cost of the finished book will be $90, however all orders placed after your session will receive a free copy of the book. If you choose not to purchase anything you will still be able to buy the book once it’s published
        • The session fee covers your pregnancy or postpartum (newborn) photography session, an image from your session included in the book and a small write-up of your motherhood story or experience. After your session, you will have the opportunity to purchase images from your session. There will be discounted packages available as well as packages that include a copy of the book!
        • For birth sessions, $100 from your chosen package will be donated to the ABS podcast. For a full pricing list of birth story packages, please check out the pricing here.
        • As this book will be published and publicly available, you must give permission for your images and story to appear in the book.

        To register your interest, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch!


        Tell me more about the business you're supporting with this book

        How do I get involved?

        How much does it cost?

        I'm not too comfortable with my photo being in a public book. Will that matter?


        I am choosing to support the Australian Birth Stories podcast with this project. The session fee from each pregnancy and postpartum session will be donated directly to the podcast, and a portion of all birth sessions too. Sophie Walker is the creator of the ABS podcast and works to make sure that a new episode is released each week. She relies on her sponsors as well as fundraising and donations from her community to keep the free podcast running. I feel that the podcast is an incredible resource for women and wish that it was around when I was pregnant!

        Register your interest

        Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible and I will be in touch to answer any questions you might have and organise your session!


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