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        Welcome to my quaint little blog; where you'll find some of my favourite sessions, articles I've written about how and why I do what I do and occasionally a special offer or promotion!

        So pour yourself a cup of tea and have a read through anything that catches your eye. If you have any questions about any of my articles or topics, please feel free to get in touch or leave me a comment on the blog post and I'll get back to you!

        January 11, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 11

        Trampoline fun after the storm. Summer nights are like nothing else.
        January 10, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 10

        My boy.Cautious of most things but fearful of few.You amaze me daily. When you were born I thought it was my job to teach you everything I knew.Yet all of the most important lessons in life, I've lea...
        January 9, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 9

        And to think I ever worried that you two wouldn't get along.Saving this one to pull out the first time there's a fight and you say you hate each other.
        January 8, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 8

        Wild yet cautious. Boisterous but dainty. Full of mischief and fuller of kindness. Silly yet so, so clever. Everything I always imagined you'd be.
        January 7, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 7

        Another beautiful evening with your ever-so-patient great grandparents.Two of your favourite people of all time, and I have a suspicion you may be two of theirs.After dinner, you introduced them to '...
        January 6, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 6

        The bedtime routine.Spend 5 minutes deciding which book you want to read.Change your mind 3 pages in.Choose 2 new books each and convince us that 4 bedtime stories is a perfectly good idea.Wait for u...
        January 5, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 5

        This afternoon's storm brought with it a huge drop in the temperature and a huge spike in your stir craziness.You both love water. The pool, the hose, the bath... Your favourite pastime. But you refu...
        January 4, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 4

        Lost in your own world. Together.The hose is your waterfall, the trampoline is your castle.That's what you tell us.You're getting ready to fight a dragon that's coming. You're masters of your art and...
        January 3, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 3

        My Violet.You've been stuck inside all day today while your big brother sleeps off the tummy bug that hit him hard and fast last night.Every few minutes you'll run off and check on him, often taking ...
        January 2, 2019

        Documenting January // 2019 – Day 2

        36 degrees and a storm is on the horizon. You splash and play in the blow up pool as the thunder rumbles in the distance. Taking turns at who holds the hose. Who goes down the slide. While we take tu...