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        The first year of a baby’s life is filled with so much joy, so much wonder. They grow from a tiny little newborn into a crawling, talking, maybe even walking toddler and on their first birthday it’s hard to believe how much they’ve changed in only 12 months.

        I remember holding my firstborn when he was only a few days old and thinking how much he’d already changed and how I wished there was a way that I could freeze this moment in time to remember exactly how perfect he was. I long to be able to go back and see my newborn baby, see myself as a new mum and my husband as a new dad. I want to be able to relive my baby’s first taste of food, the way he laughed when we played peekaboo, his first wobbly steps.

        It’s been years in the making, but I’ve finally developed the most perfect way to document your baby’s first year of life in the most beautiful and timeless way.

        Introducing The Baby Bloom Collections

        The Baby Bloom Collections are a variety of packages you can choose from to perfectly document your new little baby’s first year of life. Every few weeks you will have a photo session, a film session or both, and by your baby’s first birthday you will have a beautiful collection of images or films showcasing your baby as they grow and bloom through their first year. I can honestly think of no greater first birthday gift for your bub, or ‘woohoo we made it through the first year!’ gift for yourselves.

        Baby Bloom Collections
        The Baby Bloom Book
        The Baby Bloom Film
        The Baby Bloom Bundle
        $300 per session
        Includes: - 6x 30 minute photo sessions (spread out over the year) - 10 digital images from each session - A beautiful flatlay album at the end of the year, filled with images from each of your sessions

        Book your Baby Bloom sessions

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