Why You Should Document Your Pregnancy // Canberra Documentary Photographer

I was not one of those glowing, beautiful pregnant women. Not by any definition of the word. Throughout both my pregnancies I felt swollen, hot, heavy, uncomfortable. My skin didn’t look like I thought it would and the last thing I wanted was someone taking photos of me. And so I hid away from the camera and it might be my biggest regret from the whole 9 months.

Now that I take photos of pregnant women almost daily, my children see so many beautiful pregnant bodies in all shapes and sizes, and they are in absolute awe. “Can I see a photo of when I was in your tummy, mum?” my son asked the other day. And apart from a couple of blurry iPhone photos, I had nothing to show him. In that moment I realised that how I felt during my pregnancy should have bared no weight on my decision to document such an incredible time in my life. I’d given up so much for my baby – caffeine, sea food, soft cheese, wine… All without batting an eyelid. But I refused to photograph my body as I carried this baby. Hindsight is a crazy thing.

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As much as pregnancy seems to drag on while you’re going through it, it really is the most fleeting time. 9 months feels like 9 years, but once your baby is born it can be hard to remember what life was like while they were still inside. There is so much anticipation and excitement in the last few weeks of pregnancy and it is so beautiful to be able to capture that, seal it away and be able to relive those emotions over and over again.

I always strongly recommend that women who come to me for birth photography or baby sessions consider having their pregnancy documented too. And I’m always so happy when they do! These moments speak for themselves…